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[Comments] (5) Thu Jul 30 11:08:54 two days past due date:

Not much new here in ~3 days, but I did sell my car. It was a two seater (Honda Insight Hybrid), and not very practical for carrying a baby around.  I'm quite proud as I owned the car for ~6 years, and sold it for not very much less than what I bought it for.  But really it was just luck-I bought my (used) hybrid when gas was ~$1.60/gallon.  Not expecting to be as lucky on the next car purchase.  

I talked to my doctor yesterday. We decided to hold off on inducing until after the weekend. If nothing happens on its own, I will go in Sunday evening to begin the long process. But I'm *really* hoping something will happen before then. I'm still not over my cold, so hopefully the extra time will give me a chance to get better. Also, I'm still feeling relatively okay, though definitely more tired; and in need of a nap everyday. In the meantime, I'm continuing to do a little tidying and organizing, and watching the great show "Battlestar Galactica" on DVD.

Me last night, with the Apollo who doesn't fly Vipers very well:


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