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Tue Jan 01 01:20:25 Preparing ipod music for iowa:

Tue Jan 01 01:20:50 Travel:

First kink: although I usually have good luck traveling, I arrived at SFO to see my flight was delayed over 4 hrs.

Tue Jan 01 01:21:02 Bought w my nwa travel voucher:

The first restaurant refused it but luckily the mexican restaurant traded it for what I thought would be my last veggie friendly meal for a week. unfortunately, the 4th flight I had been ticketed for that day was also delayed. I had the option to pay for my hotel in denver, or leave SFO 6AM the next day. Either way I'd arrive in Iowa the same time: 10am Sunday. so I went home for a restful evening, plus we had our friends over. Much better than spending the night on the floor in denver airport. I was at SFO airport from 7am to 9:30 am, home back at 2pm to 5pm, and back again sunday morning at 6am.

Tue Jan 01 01:21:14 Luckily, made it on the plane just in time:

After my extra thorough security screening. I was the last one on the plane.

Tue Jan 01 01:21:28 Second thing to go right:

Upon arriving in denver, my plane to des moines was actually there on time.

Tue Jan 01 01:22:04 Because I was the last one on the plane:

I skipped the row w my middle seat between two people and sat on an unoccupied row by myself. This was the first thing to go right on my travels

Tue Jan 01 07:34:15 Landing into des moines:

This flight was great as I sat next to oregon state senator margaret carter. She was very friendly as he is the john edwards for president co-chair in oregon. She let me ride to the downtown airport which made it easier for a driver to drive me west to council bluffs, IA. Unfortunately my bag has yet to make it here. Northwest lost it, United Airlines found it in des moines, however they refused to drive it 100 miles to council bluffs, IA. Instead they put it on a plane and now it is really lost. Maybe in minneappolis.

Tue Jan 01 07:43:27 Made it to john edwards hq sunday afternoon:

I made many 'get out the caucus' calls, mostly to supporters. Iowans are largely friendly, and seem to like the whole courting process.

I was going to stay at a house with many other volunteers, but since my bag is awol with my sleeping bag, the Wilsons are putting me up in a nice room with a bed. They're really nice and have been involved with the JE campaign since april.

Tue Jan 01 11:34:17 New year's toast:

Doug, the field organizer for council bluffs, IA, gives a new years toast to the dozen or so workers that night. With the free time, I spent a frustrating 4 hrs trying to track down my bag.

Tue Jan 01 12:16:28 New year celebration:

Part II

Tue Jan 01 16:15:20 New years fireworks:

Over the bridge in omaha, NE

Tue Jan 01 16:20:30 Door to door canvas:

With paula (from LA) and beth (from iowa; i'm staying at her house. 15 degree weather.

Tue Jan 01 16:34:45 Canvas with paula:

Thanks to some long johns and boots I bought this morning. door to door is hard, but paula is really fun. We got some friendly people and a few unfriendly people. Mostly we're just trying to get people to come see john edwards tonight. he is in town at 10 pm. it should be a big crowd.

Tue Jan 01 16:36:24 It is cold.:

This is at noon.

Wed Jan 02 00:51:00 Back to omaha, nebraska airport:

But sadly, none of the bags were mine. Minneapolis/NWA are a mess, and they can't even bother to look for my bag there.

Wed Jan 02 00:56:05 Jeremy from lafayette, california:

I met jeremy and his brother (referred as 'the wolff brothers' in my november post about meeting john edwards) at the SF house where I first met john edwards. He is super cool: this is his second trip to iowa as he was out a few weeks ago. I hear he is really great convincing people.

Wed Jan 02 01:01:10 Waiting for john edwards to visit and speak:

We had a welcome group at the corner of headquarters where john edwards was to arrive. It was 9 degrees. Hundreds showed up for the 10:45 talk. Video will be uploaded in a couple of days.

Wed Jan 02 01:05:15 Elizabeth edwards introducing John:

She was great: friendly and funny. I shook her hand and spoke with her briefly.

Wed Jan 02 09:08:18 Edwards was great:

I took a nice video clip but it is one megabyte too big. I should upload it by saturday. It was so thrilling, he spoke in council bluffs, then we followed him to Atlantic, which is about an hour away. It was super fun, exciting, and inspirational. We got home after 2am, and are up at 9am to go door to door the next day. I was interviewed by the new york daily news and the omaha channel 3 news, so i'm checking to see if I made it to their articles/reports.

Wed Jan 02 09:21:24 Iowans love to be courted:

I had a ten minute phone call, and we're waiting for paula to finish this 15 door stop. My two doors haven't been home. They love talking the issues with us, as they seem to take caucusing very seriously. My long phone call wanted someone 'for the people'. I think I got her thinking JRE is the guy.

Wed Jan 02 11:35:56 JRE leaving the building:

Not the best pic. He is so awesome. I'm so happy I came to campaign for him.

Wed Jan 02 13:38:20 off the subject...breaking news:: here is an awesome email I just got from my friend kathy while traveling in rural iowa. I thought it was such great news, I needed to share with my blaugience: I just got the best Christmas present of all today... Danny Bonaduce is gone. He's not dead (I'm not that evil), but Adam got him kicked off. In fact Adamstayed home sick fromthe showuntil it happened. ...Hopefully that will warm Kelsi's heart while she goes door to door in Iowa in 15 degree (at noon) weather. -- end of message. and warm my heart it did.

Wed Jan 02 19:09:35 My bag is found!!:

with two days left for my trip, mike from united finally came through. I called his boss and complimented him and larry.

Wed Jan 02 20:02:07 The day before caucus night:

The office was really busy this morning. Made a few dozen calls, then went out to canvas

Wed Jan 02 20:03:12 Canvassing:

Many aren't home, but we leave a note that john edwards is coming to council bluffs tonight at 10pm. JE is the only candidate to make it to all 99 counties

Wed Jan 02 20:29:48 my two favorite things: the final countdown and john edwards:

you must watch this video:

Thu Jan 03 01:12:22 Rural iowa:

Today was mostly filled with door knocking in outer council bluffs and underwood. It was really beautiful, and people were neat. Lots of Edwards, Dodd, Biden, and Richardson support, and less of the 'bought' support of other candiates. I met a beautiful 120 lb bloodhound at a house with three rescued dogs.

Thu Jan 03 01:15:35 Campaigning in the snow:

In rural iowa. We had a blast talking about john edwards to friendly people, and enjoying the beautiful area.

Thu Jan 03 01:17:41 Maize:

Iowans are serious about the corn. And so am I.

Thu Jan 03 06:36:01 Night before the big day:

Staff at the council bluffs have a final meeting with staff in Des Moines. Everyone is really anxious and excited.

Thu Jan 03 07:15:10 Caucus morning:

Its crazy here. Wish us luck. Door to door now.

Thu Jan 03 09:24:09 Still door to door:

With paula. Having tons of fun. Paula says hi tim

Thu Jan 03 12:40:11 Afternoon calls:

Trying to let people know their caucus location and time.

Thu Jan 03 14:48:06 going to the precinct:

Paula and I are going to help run the caucus at council bluffs 6 precinct. It should be fun. Wish us luck.

Thu Jan 03 15:34:27 on the way to caucus:

We're driving to the north side of town now. Looks like peter, our driver, is sleeping, but he's not. JOHN EDWARDS 2008!!!

Thu Jan 03 16:07:42 People starting to arrive:

I am super nervous and excited and busy so no posts for a while.

Thu Jan 03 17:00:01 Post back by popular demand:

It is really busy. Doors close in a few minutes. Our pricinct captain is AWOL; us out-of-towners are crapping our pants.

Thu Jan 03 17:39:16 Biden, dodd not viable:

Voting in 10 min

Thu Jan 03 17:55:21 Voting done:

We came in 3rd out of 179 people. 51 people

Thu Jan 03 18:37:32 Ok... Conclusions:

That was about the most riveting thing i've ever participated in. Edwards got 5 delegates and clinton and obama got 7, but I hear edwards is number 2 right now...we'll see. The three of us out of staters ran our whole group. It was chaos, counting, recounting, cheering, shouting, campaigning, convincing, and recounting again. We got almost all of dodds and lot of richardson... It was amazing. If things aren't a lot better in four years, i'll be back (assuming we still have a democracy).

Thu Jan 03 19:14:46 The after party:

looks like we may get 2nd. highlight: many people were 'anybody here but hillary'. Jre on msnbc now, got to go

Thu Jan 03 21:22:18 We beat hillary:

Quote of the night. I think I need to plan a special trip to nevada for jre. His speech after the caucus was amazing. John Edwards is the real deal. And Iowa rejects Hillary. I really hope the rest of the country takes notice. At the end of the exhilarating caucus, I asked the leader of the hillary people what inspired her (since this is the vote I was most curious about what kind of motivation drove supporters). the response was 'she is a woman, and I want to make history' . This was upsetting but I felt okay when I found out we won over them.

[Comments] (1) Thu Jan 03 22:07:25 she came in third people...: how dare npr, cnn, and pbs do this 'tied for second place' business. they are still trying to spin it as a two person race between hillary and obama in spite of how edwards was outspent 6:1 by hillary and obama and yet Edwards *beat* Hillary. the corporate media is scared to death edwards could win. it is a scary time.

Thu Jan 03 23:08:56 Ok, they finally got it right:

Edwards is second. HC is third. still, they're barely talking about him. I urge anyone to find john edwards' speech from tonight. It was true greatness set way apart from the others. John Edwards IS the real change.

[Comments] (1) Thu Jan 03 23:36:28 recap soon: I have so much to say, however, smartphone keyboard won't cut it. I can't thank my husband Drew enough for writing the code. In spite of using RDF, his program allowed me to upload live, practically instantaneous blog updates from treo from wherever. I plan a full recap of the crazy stories of caucus night as soon as I get home tomorrow.

[Comments] (1) Fri Jan 04 23:07:35 Trip not done yet....:

Everything was okay until my connecting flight from vegas to sfo tried to land and had to abort. Twice. Scariest thing ever. Then they turned us around back to las vegas. These are my copassengers trying to get rebooked. I'm on the 5pm flight out, except now it is 7pm. As of now (4pm almost) i've been on planes or airports for 12 hrs for my trip home. Hope things are better.

Sun Jan 06 14:54:43 Setting up our corner:

With cookies and literature (from Jan 3; didn't completely post first upload)

Sun Jan 06 14:55:18 Counting now:

Here it comes (from Jan 3; didn't completely post then, so posting now)

Sun Jan 06 20:37:08 summary of Iowa and videos:

I am back in the bay area, after 2 days to get to Iowa, and 19 hours to come home. It is nice to be home, but I am excited about NH and how well JRE did on the debate last night. I am considering going to Nevada, though my schedule for work conflicts a lot. We'll see. I met a cool girl named emily at a party last night. She worked on JRE's 2004 campaign in NH, and it looks like she is excited to do whatever she can this time around.

about Iowa; the real story should really be how JRE was outspent 5 to 1 by each Obama and Clinton. And yet he still managed to have such a great showing and BEAT the Clinton machine. It is obvious corporate media, and other big interest groups who are very much opposed to him winning. I hope voters pay attention to him in spite of all of this. At our precinct, the Hillary camp brought gourmet sandwiches and drinks. This was a big turn off to me, but it didn't sway the voters in Council Bluffs. The people who showed up for Hillary voted for her, but it didn't seem like she got any additional votes during realignment (JRE got a lot: Dodd and Biden, and a few Richardson).

Here is my two favorite things: The final countdown, and John Edwards, going into the caucuses. It summarizes JRE's 36 hour tour. I was at council bluffs, IA and atlantic, IA events.

While people may talk about the Obama's historic speech, this was the one that moved me after caucus night:


Thu Jan 10 13:55:44 This weekend, Rocky's blog:


Still plan to go to Reno this weekend, weather permitting. Luckily, I have a place to stay on north shore.


My friend Rocky has a blog, and has referenced me. It is a pretty spirited blog with good details about our Iowa trip:


As his most recent entry urges, I made a point to email some of the media outlets, including the ones Rocky listed, but also NPR. I have been especially disappointed with their coverage; as yesterday's all things considered included a long piece about Hillary's emotional breakdown (which pundits think caused her win) but no mention of JRE anywhere, dispite Iowans picking him over her.


Here is a response from NBC (only one so far):

Todd, Chuck D (NBC Universal) to Kelsi
show details 1:01 PM (51 minutes ago)


no family of networks has given more attention and coverage than the
family of NBC. He's getting more than his fair share given his standing
in the race right now after the first two contests


I respectfully disagree with Chuck, especially after just checking msnbc's website.  However, I appreciate the time he took to make a response.

Sat Jan 12 10:18:40 To reno:

I woke up at 4am to drive to Reno, NV for more campaigning. I'm pleased to not be flying.

[Comments] (2) Sat Jan 12 10:19:22 Arrived in reno:

The office is packed. What a lively campaign! Dozens and dozens packed to volunteer for john edwards!

Sat Jan 12 11:35:28 to canvas in reno:

Is very different than IA. stories later.

Sat Jan 12 12:23:54 Heidi has 5 cats :

And two dogs; this one is named Prince. she rescued all of them. And she is voting for John Edwards on Saturday.

Sat Jan 12 13:38:28 Getting interviewed:

By Max Ackermann from Swiss National Public Radio. He was great. He is covering the democratic primary elections in Iowa and NV. At least corporate media doesn't own him.

Sat Jan 12 14:16:55 Hi fred and rosemary:

Right now i'm going door to door at this apartment complex. Lots of j. Edwards supporters here!

Sat Jan 12 17:41:12 At the busy corner of s. Virginia st and kiezke(sp):

yannick and I put up this beautuful banner.

Sat Jan 12 19:40:44 At night, we call:

Yannick (my ride up here; a john edwards powerhouse) and I are calling undecided voters. So far, the residents have been really friendly.

Sat Jan 12 20:12:56 After working all day...:

We work all night. All for John Edwards (and to save democracy)

[Comments] (3) Sat Jan 12 21:07:12 Friends from Iowa:

Quite a number of my friends from council bluffs, IA, are here in Reno. Kate (pictured) is amazing. She has worked tiredlessly for months. I was very happy to see her. i'm doing the time of my life. I now wish I was staying longer than just tomorrow :(

Sat Jan 12 23:38:54 Touching up a poster:

We will find a nice home for this tomorrow.

Sun Jan 13 09:27:49 Great new JRE video:

This one is moving. John Edwards was on Wolff Blitzer this morning; he was great as usual. CNN seems like they are covering JRE much better than Chuck Todd and his colleagues at MSNBC.

Now we are off to hang more giant banners Yannick and friends made; then door to door and phone calls!

Sun Jan 13 10:38:45 we found my new arch nemesis Chuck Todd:

(whose email I posted in a blog entry two days ago). He was on some round table on M$nbc doing his usual clinton/obama talk. Meanwhile wolff blitzer was giving more equitable time to john edwards on cnn.

Sun Jan 13 12:35:48 Today, a little more rural Reno:

People have been really receptive. Many will come to john edwards' town hall meeting on wednesday, 12:30pm at the grand sierra resort.

Sun Jan 13 14:35:42 Yannick is really great :

Talking to any of the residents. She is famous for winning over democrats, republicans (especially mitt romney supporters). Like I said, she is a john edwards powerhouse.

Mon Jan 14 23:02:50 Banners:

We put up homemade banners

Wed Jan 16 13:36:42 Back to NV:

Our cab driver is going to caucus for JRE!

Thu Jan 17 21:47:07 Love:

We're seeing Love, the cirque du soleil show at the mirage. The 'limited view tickets' give us our own balcony. Talked to ppl in line about JRE, of course.

Fri Jan 18 00:04:51 Different from other cirque shows:

More art than tricky performances. Speakers in seat headrests were cool. And lots of artists coming out of everywhere all the time. My favorite was 'help!', where there were four roller skaters on two ramps.

Tue Jan 22 22:32:06 our unique town:

Apparently, my hometown of Belmont, CA is paying to have this house raised and moved around the corner 2 blocks to a vacant lot. Built in 1885, it was decided that this home should be saved in spite of it being located on a busy street. We came out to watch them move it.

Tue Jan 22 22:59:28 A series of photos:

>From the moving house.

Tue Jan 22 23:01:36 Moving house, cont.:

Tue Jan 22 23:05:44 Moving some more:

Tue Jan 22 23:09:52 And some more:

The house successfully cleared the lot. The process stalled several times, and due to the rain and it being late, I wanted to call it a night.

[Comments] (1) Thu Jan 24 23:46:58 Best T-shirt ever:

My new friend paula is the coolest. She got this cool Polaroid from our Iowa JRE trip made into a cool shirt. Closeup coming up.

Fri Jan 25 00:07:40 This is the...:

Killer closeup of the tshirt. That's paula and me, campaigning in Iowa snow.

[Comments] (3) Tue Jan 29 23:15:32 Swiss National Public Radio:

I received this file from my interview with Max Akermann of the Swiss National Public Radio.  He covered the JRE campaign for a while. He found me through Yannick, who also is interviewed in this 3 minute clip.  It was fun. (It is in Swiss-German)

[Comments] (2) Wed Jan 30 13:30:33 Kelsi sad:

My coworker gave this to me for the day. It doesn't really cheer me up at this point, but it was a sweet gesture.

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