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[Comments] (1) Tue Jul 22 23:08:05 Packing and Janet leaving:

One of my very best friends in the world, Janet, or better known as J.P. is leaving, with her husband, for their new home in Austin. We had a last hurrah in SF complete with japanese food at a favorite restaurant, a nice long walk, and many hours of helping her pack.  luckily, when it came time to pack her knife block, I had a great tip from a crime scene I had worked which involved a knife block full of knives.  Maybe it isn't all that brilliant, but remember to use tape to secure all the knives to the block. Then they are quite secure in a box full other things.  I will miss janet very much.  



Posted by Kathy at Wed Jul 23 12:41:45

I like how half the sentences are about your friend leaving and the other half are about knives.


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