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[Comments] (2) Tue Sep 02 12:52:50 We get the puppy soon:

Just 2.5 weeks.

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Posted by Kathy at Wed Sep 03 12:16:56

You're naming the puppy after DAG's character? I like it, but if you're going that route I thought I'd give you some other suggestions, too:

Jack Silver
Huell Howser
Chief Thunderbear
Mason Jar
Ethinyl, Estradiol (or any of DAG's children he needs to call to come into the house)
Ace Rockolla
Hobo Power
Attack Crows
Dr. Spaz
(if you get two dogs) Coffee and Dinetti
(if you end up hating it) Bonaduce

and my favorite,
Waffle Crapper


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