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Wed Jan 02 00:51:00 Back to omaha, nebraska airport:

But sadly, none of the bags were mine. Minneapolis/NWA are a mess, and they can't even bother to look for my bag there.

Wed Jan 02 00:56:05 Jeremy from lafayette, california:

I met jeremy and his brother (referred as 'the wolff brothers' in my november post about meeting john edwards) at the SF house where I first met john edwards. He is super cool: this is his second trip to iowa as he was out a few weeks ago. I hear he is really great convincing people.

Wed Jan 02 01:01:10 Waiting for john edwards to visit and speak:

We had a welcome group at the corner of headquarters where john edwards was to arrive. It was 9 degrees. Hundreds showed up for the 10:45 talk. Video will be uploaded in a couple of days.

Wed Jan 02 01:05:15 Elizabeth edwards introducing John:

She was great: friendly and funny. I shook her hand and spoke with her briefly.

Wed Jan 02 09:08:18 Edwards was great:

I took a nice video clip but it is one megabyte too big. I should upload it by saturday. It was so thrilling, he spoke in council bluffs, then we followed him to Atlantic, which is about an hour away. It was super fun, exciting, and inspirational. We got home after 2am, and are up at 9am to go door to door the next day. I was interviewed by the new york daily news and the omaha channel 3 news, so i'm checking to see if I made it to their articles/reports.

Wed Jan 02 09:21:24 Iowans love to be courted:

I had a ten minute phone call, and we're waiting for paula to finish this 15 door stop. My two doors haven't been home. They love talking the issues with us, as they seem to take caucusing very seriously. My long phone call wanted someone 'for the people'. I think I got her thinking JRE is the guy.

Wed Jan 02 11:35:56 JRE leaving the building:

Not the best pic. He is so awesome. I'm so happy I came to campaign for him.

Wed Jan 02 13:38:20 off the subject...breaking news:: here is an awesome email I just got from my friend kathy while traveling in rural iowa. I thought it was such great news, I needed to share with my blaugience: I just got the best Christmas present of all today... Danny Bonaduce is gone. He's not dead (I'm not that evil), but Adam got him kicked off. In fact Adamstayed home sick fromthe showuntil it happened. ...Hopefully that will warm Kelsi's heart while she goes door to door in Iowa in 15 degree (at noon) weather. -- end of message. and warm my heart it did.

Wed Jan 02 19:09:35 My bag is found!!:

with two days left for my trip, mike from united finally came through. I called his boss and complimented him and larry.

Wed Jan 02 20:02:07 The day before caucus night:

The office was really busy this morning. Made a few dozen calls, then went out to canvas

Wed Jan 02 20:03:12 Canvassing:

Many aren't home, but we leave a note that john edwards is coming to council bluffs tonight at 10pm. JE is the only candidate to make it to all 99 counties

Wed Jan 02 20:29:48 my two favorite things: the final countdown and john edwards:

you must watch this video:


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