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Thu Jan 03 01:12:22 Rural iowa:

Today was mostly filled with door knocking in outer council bluffs and underwood. It was really beautiful, and people were neat. Lots of Edwards, Dodd, Biden, and Richardson support, and less of the 'bought' support of other candiates. I met a beautiful 120 lb bloodhound at a house with three rescued dogs.

Thu Jan 03 01:15:35 Campaigning in the snow:

In rural iowa. We had a blast talking about john edwards to friendly people, and enjoying the beautiful area.

Thu Jan 03 01:17:41 Maize:

Iowans are serious about the corn. And so am I.

Thu Jan 03 06:36:01 Night before the big day:

Staff at the council bluffs have a final meeting with staff in Des Moines. Everyone is really anxious and excited.

Thu Jan 03 07:15:10 Caucus morning:

Its crazy here. Wish us luck. Door to door now.

Thu Jan 03 09:24:09 Still door to door:

With paula. Having tons of fun. Paula says hi tim

Thu Jan 03 12:40:11 Afternoon calls:

Trying to let people know their caucus location and time.

Thu Jan 03 14:48:06 going to the precinct:

Paula and I are going to help run the caucus at council bluffs 6 precinct. It should be fun. Wish us luck.

Thu Jan 03 15:34:27 on the way to caucus:

We're driving to the north side of town now. Looks like peter, our driver, is sleeping, but he's not. JOHN EDWARDS 2008!!!

Thu Jan 03 16:07:42 People starting to arrive:

I am super nervous and excited and busy so no posts for a while.

Thu Jan 03 17:00:01 Post back by popular demand:

It is really busy. Doors close in a few minutes. Our pricinct captain is AWOL; us out-of-towners are crapping our pants.

Thu Jan 03 17:39:16 Biden, dodd not viable:

Voting in 10 min

Thu Jan 03 17:55:21 Voting done:

We came in 3rd out of 179 people. 51 people

Thu Jan 03 18:37:32 Ok... Conclusions:

That was about the most riveting thing i've ever participated in. Edwards got 5 delegates and clinton and obama got 7, but I hear edwards is number 2 right now...we'll see. The three of us out of staters ran our whole group. It was chaos, counting, recounting, cheering, shouting, campaigning, convincing, and recounting again. We got almost all of dodds and lot of richardson... It was amazing. If things aren't a lot better in four years, i'll be back (assuming we still have a democracy).

Thu Jan 03 19:14:46 The after party:

looks like we may get 2nd. highlight: many people were 'anybody here but hillary'. Jre on msnbc now, got to go

Thu Jan 03 21:22:18 We beat hillary:

Quote of the night. I think I need to plan a special trip to nevada for jre. His speech after the caucus was amazing. John Edwards is the real deal. And Iowa rejects Hillary. I really hope the rest of the country takes notice. At the end of the exhilarating caucus, I asked the leader of the hillary people what inspired her (since this is the vote I was most curious about what kind of motivation drove supporters). the response was 'she is a woman, and I want to make history' . This was upsetting but I felt okay when I found out we won over them.

[Comments] (1) Thu Jan 03 22:07:25 she came in third people...: how dare npr, cnn, and pbs do this 'tied for second place' business. they are still trying to spin it as a two person race between hillary and obama in spite of how edwards was outspent 6:1 by hillary and obama and yet Edwards *beat* Hillary. the corporate media is scared to death edwards could win. it is a scary time.

Thu Jan 03 23:08:56 Ok, they finally got it right:

Edwards is second. HC is third. still, they're barely talking about him. I urge anyone to find john edwards' speech from tonight. It was true greatness set way apart from the others. John Edwards IS the real change.

[Comments] (1) Thu Jan 03 23:36:28 recap soon: I have so much to say, however, smartphone keyboard won't cut it. I can't thank my husband Drew enough for writing the code. In spite of using RDF, his program allowed me to upload live, practically instantaneous blog updates from treo from wherever. I plan a full recap of the crazy stories of caucus night as soon as I get home tomorrow.

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