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[Comments] (3) Mon Dec 29 21:12:12 Year in Review:

I like how a lot of the blogs I read do this year in review, month by month, so here is my first attempt.

January:  I spent over a week in Iowa and a weekend in Nevada campaigning for the ill-fated John Edwards campaign.  Despite the ending of the campaign, I loved this experience.  I met amazing people who worked on the campaign, including and especially Paula from LA, and I loved interacting with the public. Plus: great adventures in the cold snow.  My mom, sister, and I were in Las Vegas right before the NV caucus, where I did a little bit of campaigning as well.  January was totally defined by my obsession with the primary. 

February:  After John Edwards bowed out, I was squarely in camp Obama, though I still had sadness about Edwards not being successful.  I took a trip to West Virginia for work.  I cannot say that I liked West Virginia at all. Perhaps that is all I will say about that.

March:  This month was usual business, combined with Drew's grandfather and my great grandmother ailing.  This was a hard time, and lots of time was spent at bedsides.  In the end, they ended up dying within one day of eachother.  Drew's grandpa Fred was 91 and my great grandmother Ethel was 108! I was accepted onto the Belmont Green Advisory Committee.

April: Midway through the month Drew and I attended the memorials of both of our grandparents.  I also testified for my first homicide trial.  The testimony was long (2 or 3 days?) and the most difficult I had ever given.  Overall, I think it went fairly well though.

May: I took Drew's grandmother to her native England.  I drove her around and she saw 27 friends and family over 8 days.  It was a beautiful trip in the English countryside. Drew and I both started biking to work a few days a week.  We continued this until mid October when it was too dark.

June:  This summer was filled with baby and bridal showers. Some I attended, most I helped host.  Two babies were born to our friends. John and Karin had a boy early July and Matthew and Rachel had another girl in June.  Drew's sister and my sister were both engaged earlier in the year.  I helped throw showers for both of them (one at my house).  A very busy month. Drew and I went on our first solo camping trip; just the two of us, at nearby Memorial Park.  It was a great success; we had tons of fun and made it home in one piece.

July: For my birthday, Drew surprised me with tickets to see 'A Chorus Line'.  We had a fun night in SF.  My very good friend Janet, who also works with me, was winding down her days in California.  I hosted her a big lab-wide going away party.  I was so sad to see her go, and am still adjusting. 

August:  I threw my sister a Bachelorette Party at the family cabin in Tahoe.  It was a great success other than finding out about John Edwards' infidelity (and how he may have jeopardized the presidency) while up there,  Drew went to Glendale again, as he has been several times for work this year. He stayed down there for the SIGGRAPH conference.   I spent more than half the month on call for work.  Strangely, I never got called out until August 29th.

September: Weddings!  Drew 'married' his sister by officiating at her wedding in San Diego to her new husband, Brian.  Two weeks later, we attended my sister's wedding in Apple Hill.  I was 'lady of honor' for both weddings.  In between, we celebrated our two year anniversary at South Lake Tahoe.  Our friends John, Karin, Liz, and Hugh got us a gift certificate for the Black Bear Inn. We had a great time.  After all of this, we went and picked up the newest addition to our family.  Apollo.  Greatest pup ever.  Enough said.

October: Drew turned 30 this month.  Sadly, because of all the wedding activity/travel, I didn't get it together to have a proper celebration.  Instead, we just went to dinner and a movie.  I hope to have a 30 (and a half) birthday party early next year.  His movie, Madagacar 2, was being released this month and we got to go to a special screening. Apollo and Drew attend Puppy Kindergarten class at the humane society. Apollo meets his first girlfriend there, Roxy.

November: Obama! Then, on the heels of victory,  I went on a crazy, last minute, brief trip to Japan with friends Rachel and Matthew and their 5 month old baby.  It was wonderful and decadent.  Right after returning, Drew and I went camping with Apollo and our friends Laurel and Sofia.  It was great fun, though it was pouring down rain beginning at 7pm all through the night.  Turned out neither of our tents were completely waterproof.  It was a great adventure though, and the long dark night helped me recover from my Japan jet lag.

December:  I finished my last class for my MS in chemistry at San Jose State University! I began classes Fall of 2005. I still have my research to finish up and thesis to write. I plan to do this in the coming months.  So glad to be finally done with classes.  We had our fifth annual latke party on the eighth night of Hannukah where many of our friends and neighbors came by and celebrated with us. 


We're looking forward to the year ahead and all the great things to come :) Stay tuned for year in review via photos.



Posted by kathy at Mon Dec 29 21:49:19

I liked it but where are the fake yearbook photos?

Posted by alon at Tue Dec 30 11:54:56

that's one busy year.


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