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[Comments] (5) Thu Jan 15 11:34:46 In other news:

We're pregnant.  I finished my first trimester recently, and amazingly, like clockwork, my textbook first trimester symptoms are disappearing.  I got my first night of good sleep last night in at least two months; actually slept until 7:30 am!!! many sleepless nights which has been awful for my concentration at work and general energy level.  Also, very glad to finally have an appetite again.

I still am looking forward to doing a year in review with photos, but am waiting on Drew to catch up on photo tagging.

Here is the first (edited) baby photo.


Posted by holly at Thu Jan 15 17:55:14


Posted by kathy at Fri Jan 16 10:30:45

Thank you for labeling the picture. I couldn't tell where the baby was when you posted an ultrasound on Facebook before. How exciting! Congratulations!

Posted by Rill Bichardson at Fri Jan 16 11:19:46

It looks just like you.

And the baby's father.


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