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[Comments] (5) Thu Jan 22 00:09:03 ring bandit dog:

Fifteen minutes after putting my wedding rings on the edge of the bathtub, Drew's keen ear heard a metal sound in the bathroom.  He came and asked me how many rings I had.  He found my wedding ring, but my engagement ring was missing.  

We searched around for a bit, Drew even gave Apollo a ball of foil to see where he may try to 'hide' it.  However, with each minute, I became more concerned that this would have bad health effects.

We have access to a metal detector, so we ran the metal detector over Apollo, even though he sort of ran away from it. I was sure that the detector was giving a 'positive' result, however, Drew was not so sure. It was definitely unreliable.  

Still panicked, we called vet and got referred to an emergency vet in Palo Alto.  Again, feeling a sense of urgency, we took him to the vet.  After a 2 hour vomit induced visit with an x-ray, totally over 300 dollars, still no ring.  

We returned home, ready to resume a search, while checking to be sure Apollo didn't find it first.  

Of course, we found it plain view in the front bedroom within 3 minutes of being home, since we weren't clouded with the fear or panic that he may have eaten it. He just 'transported' it.

Not a great night, but at least it ended well. 



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