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[Comments] (3) Thu Jul 09 23:23:14 on leave:

Today was my 29th birthday and, coincidentally, my last day of work.  I have a 6 month maternity leave.  I thought taking ~2 weeks before the due date was extravagant, but I really think it is best. I was starting to have a pretty hard time getting through the day.

Not much else is new. We get a lot of questions about names; we have a list of many names but aren't spending much time thinking about them now.  Rather, we just add to the list whenever we hear names we like and figure we'll figure it out when we need to.  It is hard to imagine what to name someone we've never met. I'm not worried about it being hard to choose once we see him. In the meantime, if you have boy name suggestions, please pass them along.

I'm at a loss for more to say. Hope to have some sort of 'nesting' instinct kick in soon, as there is still a lot that could be done.  But nothing critical. Except have a baby.  Holy crap.




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