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[Comments] (3) Mon Jul 27 23:35:24 estimated due date-July 28:

My due date begins in less than an hour, but as of today, I have not 'progressed' from 3 weeks ago. 

I am feeling alright and am taking the extra time to get chores done. In fact, I had a ridiculous spurt of energy this weekend and got the following accomplished (some with drew's help):

On top of all of that, drew did some fancy hacking into our palm pre phones which I'm sure he will blog about soon. We will have a baby blog soon; drew is making it and it will use openID, which (I think) uses gmail and yahoo mail IDs to authenticate users.  So if you're interested in reading about the baby, email me your gmail or yahoo email address and we'll add you to the list. 
I'm taking a break now; trying to rest as I got a pretty bad head cold and want to be better by the time I go into labor.  If I have no signs of labor by Thursday, for various reasons,  my doctor will probably have me induced that night at the hospital.  But hopefully something will happen before then.  My mother gave birth three times within a day of her estimated due date. Maybe the same will hold true for me.  

In other news, my brother's wife is far into labor as I type this. She wasn't due for another ~10 days or so, but baby said otherwise.  I wish I could be there, but Sacramento is too far to go at this point in the game. She is lucky as my sister's mother-in-law is the head maternity nurse at that hospital, and making sure they get great care.  Lucky them!

We're taking a lot more photos with our phones now that we have fancy palm pre with nice cameras.  

Giving apollo a bath:

How I look from Drew's perspective, who is 1 foot 3 inches taller than me:






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