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[Comments] (5) Thu Jul 30 11:08:54 two days past due date:

Not much new here in ~3 days, but I did sell my car. It was a two seater (Honda Insight Hybrid), and not very practical for carrying a baby around.  I'm quite proud as I owned the car for ~6 years, and sold it for not very much less than what I bought it for.  But really it was just luck-I bought my (used) hybrid when gas was ~$1.60/gallon.  Not expecting to be as lucky on the next car purchase.  

I talked to my doctor yesterday. We decided to hold off on inducing until after the weekend. If nothing happens on its own, I will go in Sunday evening to begin the long process. But I'm *really* hoping something will happen before then. I'm still not over my cold, so hopefully the extra time will give me a chance to get better. Also, I'm still feeling relatively okay, though definitely more tired; and in need of a nap everyday. In the meantime, I'm continuing to do a little tidying and organizing, and watching the great show "Battlestar Galactica" on DVD.

Me last night, with the Apollo who doesn't fly Vipers very well:


Posted by Alon G. at Thu Jul 30 14:57:56

I've seen the first two seasons of BSG but heard it went south in a hurry in season 3.

Also good luck with that whole baby thing.

Posted by Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel at Thu Jul 30 15:22:43

I watched the original Battlestar Galactica series in 1978-79. Sure, it was an obvious attempt to cash in on a space action/drama in the wake of Star Wars, but it was enjoyable, if sometimes campy, fun. Lorne Green was terrific as Commander Adama as was the venerable John Colicos as Imperious Leader Baltar. Of course, the revival attempt of Battlestar Galactica 1980 when they finally reach earth was just an unwatchable godawful disaster.

Oh, hey, somebody mentioned you were pregnant or something. Good luck with that.

Posted by kelsi at Thu Jul 30 16:46:37

Alon-No way; the new bsg is staying strong throughout the 4th season.

"Mike" Gravel- This is definitely not the BSG of yesteryear, though this BSG does feature a main character. I highly recommend; perhaps this winter you can rent some of the dvds for those long nights in Portland; er I mean, Alaska.


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