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[Comments] (2) Sat Sep 19 20:49:03 baby got born!:

Well, it has been almost two months since I wrote here, at ~40 weeks pregnant.  The baby is about 7 weeks old, and doing well.  We're busy over here, but I hope to still post to this blog from time to time.  Life is very different here; we run on cyclical 3 hours schedules of sleep, but still manage to get out to do 'normal' things like see a movie or visit friends; usually just abbreviated versions of these pastimes though. We just returned from celebrating our three year anniversary in Mendocino, with the baby and the dog. :) Other than that, not much to report.

I have been somewhat keeping up with the baby blog Drew made for our baby boy.  However, it is private, so if you'd like to see what he is up to, email me your yahoo, gmail, or aol email address (or other openID account name).  I'm way behind my other projects, and other little things I want to do.  A running list:

Write to Kelsi blog

Make DMV appointment


Make a soft headboard for our bed

Store baby's newborn clothes and organize 3 month+ clothes for wearing now done, and repeated. 9 month old wearing 18 month clothing

Finish 'thank you' cards -I think I've finally done most of these. some were very embarrassingly late

Mail belated birthday present did it. I think she liked. 

Make dentist appointment  done 10/2009, but due for my next

Make protectant treatment for wood deck

Organize details for upcoming TX and east coast trips been to TX and East Coast with Ari

Look into daycare options for next year  very happy w our choice

Go to a 'mother's club' event  went with Jaime 1/2010; kind of a bust--but I love the babysitting co-op

Visit family in Chico  visited 12/2009

Go to yoga regularly

Go on long (4+ mile) walks again

Major cleaning of house (not just picking up or light cleaning)...always

Research possible second car purchase   love our second honda insight

Organize med receipt paperwork

Look into Kaiser baby group classes

Go to another empty movie theatre with Drew and baby and watch another movie uninterrupted  we did this 5 times!!! I think these days are over now

Make plans to see friends in San Rafael

Make plans to have my favorite chinese food with an old friend in Berkeley

Establish a more regular daily routine for baby and me which involves us leaving the house every day

Write my masters thesis!

Take Apollo on more walks

....that's it for now.  Here is our creation:




Posted by Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel at Sun Sep 20 03:15:12

U had a baby?? OMG!!11!!!1! CONGRATULATIONS11!!1!!


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