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Wed May 12 23:38:59 Belated Year in Review:

I know 'year in review' blog entries are a little trendy, but I like how it jogs my memory, and archives some events for the year. While certain months were more notable than others, I've tried to write something of substance for each month.

January 2009: I was secretly pregnant for the first part of this month.  Mid-month, I finished my first trimester, so I revealed impending baby to boss man and coworkers.  Pretty exciting times.  My friend Janet, came from Austin, TX for a bay area visit.  

Barack Obama inaugurated.  Drew and I watched with neighbors at our library

February 2009: Drew and I had our first date 10 years ago.  Drew surprised me with a nice picnic on our anniversary, 2/2. I flew to Texas to visit friends Janet and Karla--I had a great vacation.   

Ten Years together

March 2009: We put solar panels. Monsters vs. Aliens was released by Dreamworks Animation--Drew and coworkers.  We saw a special screening of it.  We also enjoyed seeing Wicked! in San Francisco.  

April 2009: Started the month with a fun trip to LA. Visited friends Ali and Max, trip to the Getty, and saw our friends Dave and Lisa get married on the beach.  Later that month, I went with my mom to Portland, OR to visit my cousin, Karli and family. Friend Amanda painted Ari's nursery for me (I helped a little).

dave and lisa

May 2009:  This was a hard month.  The hardest month I've ever had at work. I wanted to quit sometimes, but I didn't. Enough said.

June 2009:  Friends Ali and Max got married at The Lair of the Bear.  We took Apollo and stayed at a little cabin. I had to miss a different wedding for our friends on the east coast.  Drew went, and I was sad.  Worse, I  was so miserable as the bay area seemed to have the hottest weekend ever, and I was mighty pregnant.  Apollo and I laid around the house like beached whales.  

ali max and me

Max, Ali, and me 

July 2009: I had a birthday.  As did my mother, my late great-grandmother, my nephew (his 0th), two of drew's aunts, his cousin, his grandmother, and our son Ari (his 0th).  Ari was born July 31st at 7lbs 2oz, and 21 inches. 

ari and kelsi

Ari, seconds old, and me

August 2009: Recovering from childbirth and related complications.  Welcomed best-friend-lauren back from India, once again. 

September 2009:  Went to Ari's first wedding- actually, my cousin Gillian's wedding.  Still recovering from various postpartum issues...slow, hard recovery.  Quick trip to Mendocino for our 3rd wedding anniversary.  We took Ari and Apollo-it was pretty relaxing.  

With the whole family, 3 years of marriage

October 2009:  I celebrate Drew's 30th birthday a year late.  The baby boy seems to be growing well.

ari and drew

Drew at "30", Ari at 2 months

November 2009: I was still having postpartum complications, but getting better for the most part.  Drew had work in LA, and I decided to go with him, and bring Ari.  I caught up with good ol' friend, Paula, from Iowa.  And we went to the Adam Carolla and friends benefit for Bald Bryan.  Drew's sister and brother-in-law came up from San Diego, and met Ari for the first time. Overall, a very nice trip.  

 stephanie and ari

Aunt Stephanie and Ari

 December 2009:  We take another roadtrip-this time to Oregon- to visit cousins and friends. With my return to work the following month, we scramble for some childcare for Ari.  After a somewhat lengthy search, we find a daycare we are pretty happy with.  Close out an emotional and eventful year.  Ari continues to grow and be amazing.  For more details on Ari, one can subscribe to the super secret Ari blog. But you have to email me to get an invitation.  

 karli kelsi and ari

Cousin Karli, Ari, and me


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